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Follow-Up Paths

Follow-Up Paths are automated follow-up workflows that are triggered by an event that you specify such as a visitor filling out a visitor registration form and other events that you will require a follow-up sequence. These events will trigger and start an automated workflow of various options such as email and/or SMS messages and other ways use for follow up. On this page it will explain how to create the steps for creating your Follow-Up Path.

How to navigate to Follow-Up Paths

Step 1 - Selecting a Trigger

Trigger Definition

When creating automated workflows, you can define the criteria that will trigger your follow-up path. Follow-up path triggers are events that cause an automated workflow to run.

Trigger Criteria Options

Step 2 - Creating the Follow-Up Path

  • 1
    Click on the “Calendar” icon on the left side of the navigation bar and choose “People Planning”.
  • 2
    Click People Planning then click “Follow-Up Paths”.
  • 3
    Click “+New” on the upper right side of the page.
  • 4
    Click “Path Name” to rename.
  • 5
    Tick “Allow Duplicate Execution” if it will allow duplicate contact/ person to be included on the path even if it was registered before and the same follow up path will be applied.
  • 6
    On the upper right side of the page select the “Path Trigger” ex. ( Life Event, Custom Attribute, Complete Form, Check-In, Event registration etc.
  • (Note: Each chosen Path Trigger will automatically give you a drop down to select the needed information for triggering the path)
  • 7
    Once selected, click “Add Path Step”. Select the type of follow up path from the drop-down menu. Ex. (Send an Email, send a SMS, Invite to Event etc.
  • 8
    Once selected, under “Step Options” fill in the appropriate details of the path, each path type will automatically display the needed information.
  • 9
    Once done with the Step Options, click “Execution Delay” carefully fill in the desired time, (in hours or minutes) for the created path to be triggered. Optionally, you can select the Processing Day and Processing Hour for the created path to be triggered.
  • (Note, Processing Day and Processing Hour cannot set an exact time like 7:15, 8:30, this option works as time per hour).
  • 10
    Once done, click “Save”.
  • 11
    Continue adding your follow-up path steps with the same instructions.
  • 12
    Once done with the steps, click the arrow up or arrow down button to have the created path steps in order. (Which step should go first, second, third...)
  • 13
    Review each path step and its order, once done click “Activate Path” on the upper left side of the page.
  • Remember to click "Activate Path" failure to activate the path won't trigger the follow-up path created