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Users Role- Explained

There are 8 types of users, see description and each user access below.

  • User access recommended for church members/attenders – can create / view / comment on posts and prayer requests; can make payments / donation and view their payment / donation history; can register for events
  • Facility Manager – access to facility management tools – can approve / deny facility requests; can set facility use fees; can print a maintenance schedule)
  • Site Administrator – (access for the main administrator – has access to all parts of the system to add / create / modify in every area of the platform)
  • Account Manager – access for leaders / volunteers – has similar access as Site Manager with the exception of not to delete / modify certain items
  • Accounting – access for bookkeeper, accountant, or financial volunteer – can modify chart of accounts; can enter / modify / delete donations / payments; can create financial reports / giving statements
  • View Only – access for former members – can view their payment / donation history, can submit / view prayer requests, does not have the ability to like / comment on posts / prayer requests; cannot register for events
  • Check In – access for children’s ministry leaders / volunteers – can modify and manage check in for nursery and other events; can send SMS alerts related to check in; can access / manage check in kiosk
  • Site Manager – access for pastors / staff members / senior leaders – has similar access as Site Administrator with the exception of access to Accounting, Facility Manager, Check In and access to delete / modify other settings

Assign User Roles

  • 1
    Select the “Sliders” icon (Configure) from the left menu.
  • 2
    Select "Administration" then click "Users".
  • 3
    Choose the Active Users tab.
  • 4
    Click on the “View” button next to the user you want to manage.
  • 5
    Once done, click the “Save” button.