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  • 1
    Click on “Pulse” icon (Productivity) on the left side of the navigation bar and choose Forms.
  • 2
    Click “ +New” on the upper right side.
  • 3
    Rename the Form and add description (optional), you can also put a Due date for the form, click the Due date box below the Form Name.
  • 4
    Click “Add Question” on the left hand-side, fill the box for the question.
  • 6
    Click “Save” or “Save and add another” for continuous adding of questions.
  • 6
    Put the order of the question (optional), select the question type on the drop down, and tick required box if the question is mandatory for the form.
  • 7
    Tick the box for “Anonymous Completion” on the upper right side if preferred.
  • 8
    Click “Share” to get the link of the form created. Optionally, download the scan code for sharing.