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Create a Product, Fee, or Service

  • 1
    Click the “Pulse” icon (Productivity) on the left navigation menu.
  • 2
    Click on “Financial Tools”. Click on the “Products & Fees” link.
  • 3
    Click the “+ New” button.
  • 4
    Enter a name, a description, and a product code to identify your product, fee, or service.
  • 5
    Type in the product code (optional).
  • 6
    Select the Accounting Category that the sale of the product, fee, or service is connected to.
  • 7
    Enter the cost of the product.
  • 8
    Enter the frequency of the charge.  i.e., for a product, the frequency might be once; for a service, the frequency might be weekly, monthly or annually. Click the "Save" button on the upper right side of the page.
  • 9
    Create or add the Product Category. Eg (Clothing, Books, Accessories). Click the " + " icon type in the product category and click the checkmark icon once done.
  • 10
    Create a Product Custom Attribute. Eg ( Material : Cotton, Color : Gray). Click the "Save" button on the upper right hand side of the page once done.
  • 11
    Create a Customer Values to Collect at Purchase. Eg (Size of the shirt). Type in the sizes of the shirt to select for.
  • 11
    Click the "Image Library" to add an image of the product. (optional)
  • 11
    Check all the details and once done, click the "Payment Page" tab. Copy the link for sharing.

You can also watch our Youtube video  here