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Creating Events

Add an Event

  • 1
    Click the “Home “ icon and then click on the top page “What would you like to say?” Alternatively, click “Create an Event” on the lower side of the message bar.
  • 2
    Select the group(s) /audience you’d like to be able to see your post.
  • 3
    Type a name and a description for your event.
  • 4
    Enter the beginning (reservation date) and ending date (reservation end date) and time for your event.
  • 5
    5. Optionally, add a photo. Click "Post".

Add an Event (Option 2)

  • 1
    Click the “Calendar” icon from the left side of the navigation bar and select “All Events".
  • 2
    Click on the date you would like for the event. Type a name and a description for your event.
  • If this is a recurring event, click the "Recurrence" tab and check the "Enable Recurrence" box. If not, proceed to step 3.
  • Select the Recurrence Frequency. Click "Save" once done.
  • 3
    Add a description, event tags and select the group for the event.
  • 4
    Fill in the Event Start Date and the Event End Date. Select the Event Start Time and Event End Time.
  • 5
    Optionally, select the Location or Resource for the Event.
  • 6
    Optionally, on the Reserved by tab, set to whom the reservation belongs to.
  • 7
    Check all the event's details and then click "Save".
  • If you want this event to appear on the "All Events" tab click the "Edit" button. Scroll down and check the "Display on Calendar" box and click "Save".
  • 8
    The page will refresh and optionally, add a photo. Click "Approve" on the lower right side of the page so the event will be added to the calendar.